Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grandfather died Monday night

Obit: • Julian L. Kratzner

FLORA, Ill. — Julian L. Kratzner, previous owner of Julian’s Drive-In Restaurant in Flora, died at 11 p.m. Monday, Jan. 4, 2010, at Gentlecare Nursing Home in Vincennes, Ind. He was 93 years old and had suffered a fall two months before.

Julian was born in Centralia on Oct. 30, 1916, to Dan W. Kratzner and Henrietta (Cramer) Kratzner. He worked at the Hollywood Candy Factory, became head meatcutter at Kroger Grocery, and it was in Centralia that he married Mildred B. Layton on Nov. 28, 1935. He survived the Great Depression in 1930, a German prison camp during World War II while serving in the U.S. Army, the death of his daughter, Donna Haney-Hilali, and countless other trials and tribulations. He worked himself up from poverty to owner of a successful restaurant that enabled him to put his two children through college. After retirement, he was able to spend time playing golf, and he also enjoyed genealogy. Following the death of his wife in 1998, he went to live with his son.

He is survived by his son, Roland Kratzner and wife, Judy, of Vincennes; six grandchildren, Mark, Julie, Jonathan, Dawn, David and Darren; and two great-grandchildren, Linus and Benjamin.

He was preceded in death by his parents, wife, daughter and one sister.

A graveside service will be held at 2:30 p.m. CST Saturday at Floral Garden of Memories, Flora. There will be no visitation.

Frank & Bright Funeral Home, Flora, is in charge of arrangements.

Memorials are suggested to the Flora Academic Foundation.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Red Skelton Unreleased 64384

Finish another Red Skelton DVD. This one had Appleby going to a gum. I mean gym. It was a hard to confirm the date of 1960-01-19. A good source said it was Freddie goes to Las Vegas but I believe this is wrong. I have another source that list the correct guest stars. Had to use Newspaper Archives to find listing that describe the plot with Buster Crabbe at a gym. Next was a Appleby plot inspired by How to Succeed in Business without really trying. The title had to be changed so that they would not be sued. Then Deadeye as a gambler and Clem using his head for music. This reminds me of another Clem story with Milton Berle.

Changing profile

Just had to change profile. I am no longer president of the Vincennnes Central Business District (VCBD). I was voted out of office. This is still a sort spot. Will give details later.

Starting a new year.

I though I would try to record my research on Red Skelton, Hollywood Hoosiers, Vincennes/Main Street history and other crap one blog. I wanted to have the web address as but I found that was taken by a Swiss Miss. Kratzner is not a common name. We might be related. Now working data work for Red Skelton episodes. I have a collection of DVDs from Timeless Media Group, Red Skelton Unreleased. Did 64344 yesterday. It featured the complete Roaring '20s episode the was in clip form on older VHS tapes, Terry Moore and Jack Kirkwood (Kirkwood as a connection with Red Skelton that I need to look into.), Fabian's second guest appearance and Clem tring to find the right job. Will tell you about today's later. I put info on my wiki site