Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting a new year.

I though I would try to record my research on Red Skelton, Hollywood Hoosiers, Vincennes/Main Street history and other crap one blog. I wanted to have the web address as but I found that was taken by a Swiss Miss. Kratzner is not a common name. We might be related. Now working data work for Red Skelton episodes. I have a collection of DVDs from Timeless Media Group, Red Skelton Unreleased. Did 64344 yesterday. It featured the complete Roaring '20s episode the was in clip form on older VHS tapes, Terry Moore and Jack Kirkwood (Kirkwood as a connection with Red Skelton that I need to look into.), Fabian's second guest appearance and Clem tring to find the right job. Will tell you about today's later. I put info on my wiki site

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